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Cutting it Fine

I have in IChemE committee meeting in Edinburgh tonight and I had assumed I was not going to attend (or only remotely via Skype).

As I was picking the little one up from granny’s, I get a text from Denise saying if we time it right, I could meet her at the station, she could take Duncan and I could catch the train to Edinburgh.

I got to the station, bought my tickets, and waited for Denise. her train was due in at 17:05 and the next to Edinburgh was due at 17:11.

Her train was then delayed four minutes which lead to a very quick:

  • Me hand baby to Denise
  • Me ask if she has her keys
  • Her empties Brompton bag (bag within a bag so not too bad)
  • Next train arrives on other platform
  • Me grab Brompton and sprint to the pedestrian bridge shouting to please let me through, I want to catch that train
  • Me jump on train as the beeping doors closing signal starts to sound
  • Me remembers to breath

PS: hello to anyone out there who still reads this site. I hope to have a revamp and more content in the near future.

This post was updated 25-02-2016 11:42 to improve formatting that was not possible when writing this post on a mobile phone on the train.

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