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Trapped and Trailers

I am currently trapped. Someone is asleep on my lap and I want to let them get as much as possible so I dare not move.

Unfortunately all the jobs and things I want to do require something about 3 to 5m out of my arm's reach.

It is rather frustrating.

Family cycle
Family cycle
Family cycle
Family cycle

We went for a family cycle yesterday to the Helix and back via the Falkirk Wheel.

This was the first time we used the Burley Cub trailer as an actual bike trailer.

On the whole it worked great, had lots of room for all our stuff and the little one seemed to be happy most of the time in it.

The cycle paths from Beancross to the Helix were excellent. The towpath along the Fourth and Clyde canal was also really good though there were more road crossings that could have done with some dropped kerbs to help.

The final leg from the Falkirk Wheel back home along the Union Canal was less fun.

The towpath quality was significantly worse however I was expecting this. The Burley Cub handled it well enough and the passenger actually managed to fall asleep while approaching Redding.

What was really annoying was the number of gates (shown in the picture) that are impossible to navigate with the bike trailer.

Every gate required stopping, decoupleing the trailer, struggling to wheel the bike and the trailer through before hooking them back up.

I understand why the gates are there. I just wish there were less of them and that they could be latched rather than locked to allow trailers through.

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