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New Site for 2016

Welcome to the new site. I initially started off with updating the site to include the details that I am now a Chartered Chemical Engineer, however this lead on to further updates.

Changes made

I eventually opted for a complete rebuild using pelican and I will discuss the reasoning for this in a future post.

During the changeover I attempted to keep all the links and URLs the same.

I also hoped to keep the RSS feed the same however I did opt to make a couple of changes:

  • I chose to upgrade to ATOM from RSS 2.0
  • I reduced the number of articles to 3.

This second part was because I was worried that in performing the upgrade, RSS readers might end up re-importing every article and I wanted to minimise this effect (apologies for the repeat entries that do appear).

I intend to increase the number of articles back to 10 as I add more articles.

Import Facebook notes

During the upgrade I also noticed that there were not that many posts and that in the past I had made lots of notes using facebook about 10 years ago.

I decided to 'import' my old notes from facebook. Unfortunately there is no automated method of exporting facebook notes (they are not included in the 'export your data' feature) so I built my own.

I then had to manually read through each note from nearly 10 years ago and ensure it imported correctly. I have resisted as much as possible from making lots of edits, just tiding up spellings in the Titles and any that make reading the note difficult.

It has been an interesting experience re-living my university thoughts.

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