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Switching Brains

The Cat Reformer is mostly back together. Hopefully later today, hydrogen can be introduced. If everything goes well, feed should be put back in on Tuesday.

For myself though the TAR is over. I am currently on a train on my way to Cardiff for a training course next week. This course will be for my 'new' Control Engineer job rather than my 'old' Operations job that I have been doing again for the last two months.

I sat down at the central console in the control room yesterday to make a quick change to the system. I was amazed at how hard I had found it to make the change considering it was the sort of thing I did every day for most of the last year.

It was almost a case of having to pack up one brain and use a second.

Interestingly I had had no issues switching back to Operations having been away for the better part of a year. Hopefully any future switches will become easier as the control job becomes more second nature. In the mean time, I am aware that this course is going to be working on the most advanced aspects of the control job. The same job I have not really done anything on for the last two months.

This could be interesting.

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