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Training for the Training Course

So after yesterdays post concerning being slightly worried about switching back into control engineer mode, this morning I am even more worried.

I arrived at the hotel just in time for dinner and met five of the other attendees (there are eight of us in total on the course). All the others are from Belgium, The Netherlands or Germany and it appears that most have significantly more experience with Advanced Process Control (APC) than myself.

The other attendees come from companies where by APC engineers are a separate discipline from DCS engineers (Distributed Control System) and APC engineers do not touch the DCS at all. Within Grangemouth, control engineers work with both the DCS and APC systems.

One Dutch attendee who has been working specifically with APC for just over a year was warning me that she had heard about the course from one of her colleges that it was tough and would require some background knowledge.

One of the German attendees has ten years experience as a APC engineer (although using a different system).

Lets hope that my background operations experience combined with my affinity for computers allows me to make up for my lack of training for the training course.

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