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Sweaty on a Train

Once again I am sweaty on the train having sprinted for it.

I am headed into Edinburgh for an Inaugural Lecture on Energy, Exergy and How We Can Achieve a Low Carbon Economy.

Unfortunately until this morning, after I was already at work, I had forgotten about it (must review calendar on Sunday nights going forward). I had cycled to work without many of the things I would want if I knew I was headed into Edinburgh for the evening.

Google said I would have enough time if I head direct for the train. Google also said I would have exactly the right amount of time to head home first (but no time to stop at the house and pick stuff up).

So I had a choice:

  • head direct for the train and put up with missing items
  • sprint home then to train station having picked up items.
  • give up on the presentation

I made it to the platform on time however as I was buying my ticket the train pulled into the station. Of course this was the time the machine decided contactless card wasn't good enough and needed my pin. Then as I panicked I typed the wrong pin.

Luckily I still managed to grab my tickets before lunging into the carriage.

I hope this presentation will be worth it.

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