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A Nice Pain

For the last couple of weeks, I have experienced mild pain when walking about as a result of the accident. Today I also experienced mild pain, though it was different.

Yesterday was the first time I made it back to a circuits class in the gym and today's pain ...

Happy birthday IKEA Edinburgh

I had the day off work and the kids were in nursery, so we took the opportunity to go to Ikea mid-week sans-kids. I was somewhat surprised when I got out of the car:

Sign announcing IKEA Edinburgh’s 20th Birthday
Happy birthday
Sign announcing IKEA Edinburgh’s 20th Birthday
Happy birthday

Apparently the IKEA just outside Edinburgh opened 20 years ago. Of ...

Rubbish but Active Days

Sometimes you wake up and just feel rubbish. I have wanted nothing more than to curl up and feel sorry for myself.

Luckily I am an adult with adulty things that get in the way of just lying around. Things like looking after the kids and doing household chores. Fulfilling ...

Yoga While Recovering

After Tuesday's crash, I was told to keep moving. I attended yoga as normal both on Tuesday and today.

I am not sure if the exercises are helping with my recovery, but they are very good at letting me know what bits of my body hurts.

Thoughts After a Crash

I was involved in a crash this morning. As I was cycling to the shops, a slight detour on my way to work, I was turning right at a roundabout. As the person on the roundabout, I am supposed to have right of way. But you only truly have right ...

When You Don't Want to Listen to the Proclaimers

I normally enjoy listening to the Proclaimers, but there was a point when they were played recently and I really wish that they weren't on.

Everyone else was enjoying the song, but I was driving. All I wanted to do was tap my foot to the music, but that ...

New Code Project

I have just started a new coding project and I am in one of the worst phases. Before starting, I was full of ideas and enthusiasm. I could envision the finished product. I could imagine all the extra bells and whistles that could get added.

And then I started to ...

Time Travel Touring

This evening, I was at a meeting in Edinburgh, around the are I spent a lot of time as a student. As I passed a shop, I instantly remembered walking to it the night after I moved into my flat in second year. I remembered the heavy rain that didn ...

Halfway There

All my employer pensions make the assumption that I will retire at 65. I have realised that if I were to retire at 65, I have just passed the halfway point between my birth and my retirement date.

It is kind of scary when I think about how much the ...

The Dreaded Task

I have recently signed up to a website for an organisation's alumni. After proving my identity and successfully logging in, I am faced with one of life's dreaded tasks:

Filling out my profile, including a short bio.

Does anyone actually enjoy or at least not hate filling these ...

Looking on the Bright Side

Today, rather than cycling 10 minutes down the hill to the refinery, I drove 45 minutes to another site to attend a trial at a suppliers factory.

When I arrived, I was informed that the test had been cancelled. Everyone else on the team was informed, I just got missed ...

Entering the World of Work

Ten years ago I started my first "proper" job. My first job after graduating, in the world of chemical engineering. I, along with about 20 other recent graduates, arrived at a conference center in the middle of the countryside near Peterborough to start working for British Sugar.

When I first ...

My First Parkrun

Today I took part in my first parkrun. I have been aware that there is a local weekly event for over seven years and yet I have never made it along until today.

Considering it was probably just under 10 years ago that I did my last race, I was ...

Rebuilding Good Habits

I have let myself go.

Well at least all the good habits I had built up. Over the last year, I have slowly eroded my evening routine to an absolute minimum, and sometimes failed to even do that.

Missing the odd night doesn't matter that much. It doesn't ...

Rose Tinted Hindsight

A couple of years ago, we found a pizza restaurant in the next town over and really liked the food there. We went quite regularly considering the journey to get there, and spent a fair amount eating out as a result.

This was one of the reasons that lead us ...

Addictively Checking

It doesn't sound like fun when you really think about it. Loading up a webpage to see that it says the exact same thing as the last time you looked at it. But that is what I find myself doing. It is what many folk end up doing.

Sure ...

Thoughts on FIRE

Last year I attended a pensions workshop at work. After this, I have spent more time reading up about pensions and other financial matters. You don't need to do much reading before you come across the FIRE movement.


FIRE stands for Financial Independence, Retire Early. Essentially, people live ...

An Unusual Day

Today was a day without kids. Well we still had them around at breakfast time but as is normal for a Monday morning my wife took them to nursery. What was not normal was us not going on to work.

Instead we have taken the week of work to prepare ...


The best thing about thunderstorms is watching the really heavy rain from the comfort of your home. Watching the water bounce off the ground and the street turn into a river while I am inside and dry.

That is until I notice that our pizza oven is still outside and ...

Positive Unpopular Opinions

Today’s XKCD comic poses the following challenge

Name a movie that…

  1. You genuinely like (not ‘so bad it’s good’)
  2. Came out in your adult life post-2000, and
  3. Is rated below 50% on rotten tomatoes.

It is easy to think of a film that most folk liked but you ...

Some Things Don’t Change

Despite my best intentions, I have done it again. Back in February I swore that I was going to make sure that any future talks I give would be well planned in. Two weeks before the event, I would have my rough transcript finished, giving plenty of time for polishing ...

Another Energy Supply Problem

Almost as soon as I published yesterday's post, I ran into a different energy supply issue.

We had been cooking dinner in our pizza oven when the gas canister ran out. Not to worry I smugly thought to myself. I knew it was low and a couple of months ...

Happy 4th of July

Today is the one day that Americans manage to get the date correct. To celebrate independence, they call the put the day of the month first just like everyone else.

Happy 4th of July to all my American friends and family.

Easy Gym

I made it back to the circuits session for the first time in a while. I was expecting to find it hard, but there was a different trainer taking the session. While the half hour was fully utilised (it overran by a few minutes) it was actually easier than normal ...

Flagchaser Spotting

Yesterday, on my way home from collecting the boys I spotted some equipment getting set up in calendar park. This morning I saw more equipment and people in the park along with a sign directing 'Adventure Show Crew'.

I didn't think any mor about it but on the way ...

I just can't win

On Monday, it was raining all day and I was unable to get any work in the garden done.

Today the weather was so hot and my hayfever was so bad, I was unable to get any work in the garden done.

Just as well my day job is based ...

I Gave In & Bought a New Watch

I have been nursing my fitbit surge watch for the last year, ever hopeful that I could delay buying another piece of technology that I can’t use most of the time1, but at last I have admitted defeat and accepted that I need a new watch.

International Women in Engineering Day

So today is ​International Women in Engineering Day. A day to celebrate the many women who work in engineering and try to promote the profession to the future generation.

I have not been involved with any events but have spent the day with a friend who happens to be a ...

Energy Credits

After attending the Royal Highland Show on Thursday, I had expected to be exhausted. But that evening and on Friday I felt fine. Actually I had more energy than I had had recently. I was surprised but this.

But now I know that I must have been living on borrowed ...

Weddings are Weird

I have just gotten in after attending a friend's wedding. The groom pointed something out during his speech that I will paraphrase1 here:

Weddings are a weird occasion. They are essentially a very expensive and public way to say to the bride's family, "hey, I am getting ...

Holiday Booked

I have ay last actually booked some days off work. I had great plans at the start of the year to work out when we would take time off as a family, but never actually did so. Earlier this week I realised that we are now nearly half way through ...

IChemE Group in Trouble

The IChemE Scottish Members Group is in trouble. Next week is our AGM and we currently have no one willing to take on the positions of Chair, Treasurer or Secretary.

As a result, it is looking increasingly likely that we may no longer have a local members group by the ...

Suspicious Weather

I have gotten soaked every time I have cycled home over the last two weeks. The day that I used the car because it was supposed to rain turned out to be lovely. Today was the most suspicious yet. Glorious sunshine all day then pouring rain just as I was ...

Never Trust Someone Who...

The topic of discussion on the radio while I was driving home this evening was asking what traits indicate an untrustworthy person. There were plenty of suggestions:

Never trust a person who:

  • doesn't clear away thir coffee cups at the end of a meeting
  • wears their watch on the ...

Bloody Shocking

I went to give blood tonight. It was nice to see that they have changed their minds again and something that we were previously forbidden to do is now encouraged (in this case it was crossing our legs while donating).

I was in for a shock once I had finished ...

Two Days for the Price of One

This morning, the weather was brilliant. I took a quick trip into Edinburgh to pick up my bike from the bike shop after its service. This involved a nice walk on my own through the woods, a quiet train ride into Edinburgh, a leisurely stroll through the streets of edinburgh ...

What was I Thinking

Whenever I have a thought, followed by the thought "I should write about that", I try to write the first thought down as soon as possible.

If I don't write it down, the chances are high that I will forget about it. It doesn't have to be much ...

Going on an Adventure

Journey on the train
Adventure to Newcastle
To watch the rugby

Returned to Twitter

Last night, I logged into twitter for the first time in two and a half years. I simply posted a link to yesterday’s blogpost, so that the pedal on parliament organisers would be aware that it had been written.

I have considered, should I end my self imposed exile ...


Well that didn’t last long. My shiny new bike managed two days of commuting and has already had its first flat tire. So it is back to driving.

My bike isn’t the only one feeling flat. I think it is a combination of fighting a cold and the ...


This evening, I am feeling sonder. Sonder is, according to [the dictionary of The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows, “the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own”1.

As I look out at all the houses I can see across the valley ...

Admitting Defeat

Tonight I have admitted defeat. It is the third Wednesday of the month, the night I had penciled in for this month's Disastrous Dinner. The problem being that I still haven't organised it yet.

I could have organised an event for next week, but I want to move ...

A Morning of Mistakes

This morning was a morning full of mistakes on my part. Nothing serious, just frustrating. Lots of small things that just lead to more work needing done. More stuff to tidy up. Lucky the day has gotten better as it has gone on and it has actually been a pretty ...

More on Hats

After yesterday's post, I remembered about a time when working in Newark. I was living on my own in a flat, and had no car at the time.

As a result, any time I was outside, I would have a helmet on. I had no garden to spend time ...

Hat’s a Relief

Last Friday, I somehow managed to leave my hat at work. I didn’t notice that it was missing until leaving the house on Saturday morning, when I walked outside and noticed I wasn’t wearing it. Generally speaking, I wear my hat most of the time when outside, so ...

Clearing Out

I have just finished having a mega clear out. I have been storing all of my papers from highschool and university in a closet. When I say 'all of my papers' I mean class notes, coursework and exam papers.

All of it is now in the recycling.

I have had ...

An Unexpected Sight

When walking around the supplies warehouse today I noticed the labels in a set of cabinets that look ready for dispatch:

Cabinet with a label for British Sugar Newark written on the site
I recognize that customer
Cabinet with a label for British Sugar Newark written on the site
I recognize that customer

It was nice to see kit destined for my old stomping ground.

Go West

For long periods of my life, I have ended up commuting to some place further East of where I live. This includes going to secondary school, going to university from my parents house, even for the period I lived in Norwich. The problem with commuting to some location further east ...

Where Did The Month Go?

I had intended to send an email at the start of the month. Unfortunately I only just got around to sending it today.

Between the regen and family illness, this month has raced by. I hope that I haven't left it too late and that the email can still ...

I Really Meant It!

I had to take my son to see the out of hours GP at the weekend. After arriving spot on time, the receptionist confirmed our appointment and asked us to take a seat.

After half an hour, he got up from his desk, came over to the waiting area and ...