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At Least the House hasn't Burnt Down

For Christmas 2014, I got a weather station from my parents. I have set it up to put the data online with weather underground and I can view my weather at any time by going to my personal weather station dashboard.

If for some reason, the system stops sending data for more than two hours, Weather Underground sends me an email to warn me and will send another when it starts worknig again.

Over the last week, we were on a family holiday and on two occasions the system stopped working for around eight hours. When I got the second email telling me that the system had started worknig again Denise commented, "well at least the house hasn't burnt down".

I had never considered it that way before but yes, we do have a method of saying the house hasn't burned down yet. Of course it doesn't tell you it has burnt down, a bit like the sign that says "The FBI has not been here"

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