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Overcoming Challenges

After finishing their dinner, the two boys went back outside to play in the garden. I was asked if I could get their bikes out. As I was still finishing my own food, and it was nearly time for bed, I told them that I wasn’t getting them out ...

Sleep Tight Little One

Rocking in this chair
Close your eyes and cuddle in
Sleep tight little one

An Alarming Moment

So one of our kids decided that leaving the supermarket be the main entrance was a silly idea. This double door with big bars on it would let us get to the car much faster. If course he managed to set of an alarm. A very loud alarm. Painfully loud ...

Partied Out

This weekend has been a party weekend. We have now reached the stage of family life that the social calendar is booked up with events that our kids are invited to rather ourselves. It was nice to see the boys having lots of fun, even if it does make them ...

How we Celebrated Our Anniversary

To celebrate our 7 year anniversary, we went to a car show, then went and picked up my new bike. While on the surface this may sound like the sort of thing that would get me into trouble and may result in a divorce, I think I should be OK ...

Silence is Suspicious

I have heard that prior to having kids, silence is golden, but after you have kids, silence is suspicious.

That was certainly true tonight while cooking dinner. Denise and myself were in the kitchen, while the kids were playing together. After a while Denise had noticed that the kids had ...

Cooking Alone

Today, my wife was at work and the kids at nursery while I slept1. I woke up with just over an hour before I needed to collect the kids, so spend that time cooking dinner for the family while I had the house to myself.

It has been great ...

Making Contingencies

We are currently making contingency plans for the shutdown next week. Not the work related ones, but family related contingencies. Who picks up the kids from nursery, when do we pass them over to the other parent? What happens if all the trains are cancelled?!?

This is the first shutdown ...

Kid's Yoga

Aftery yesterday's fun, we decided to have a more relaxed day today. The morning involved tidying and resting as much as possible with two small kids running around. In the hope of getting more tidying and resting done, we put on some kid's yoga on the TV for ...

Dynamically Terrified

We decided to go on a family outing to Dynamic Earth today. I was expecting the kids to be frightened at times but it didn't quite work out as I expected.

The youngest was completely fine with the whole thing and happy to run about and poke the model ...

Unexpected Meetup

We decided last minute to take a trip to IKEA this morning to collect a few items. When wandering around the store some strange woman crouched down to give my youngest son a cuddle.

Then I noticed that it was my mum.

Completely unplanned but it was nice to meet ...

An Unexpected Benefit of Computer Games

Today I discovered an unexpected practical benefit from playing computer games as a child.

In many platform games, you had to get to a location that was being guarded by a bad guy. In some games it was not possible to kill or remove the bad guy, therefore the only ...

Moving Rooms

Today has been a tiring but productive day of rearranging the bedrooms in our house. Both boys seem to be excited about their new room and I am also looking forward to the new arrangement.

The biggest advantage has however been that we have found lots of things that had ...

The Problem With Having a Good Dream

My son woke the other night night crying and very unhappy. When asked if he had a bad dream, he said no, he had had a good dream.

What was the problem then?

Now he was awake, the good dream was gone.

I can understand why he was upset.

Cheeseless Pizzas

The rest of my family are dairy free and so we usually don’t have any cheese in the house. We have been experimenting with various vegan cheeses however I have found that the texture is just not right, particularly when they have been melted. Rather than putting up with ...

Hills and Trailers

Today was the first day back at nursery for the boys. The last few trips to nursery we used the car. As a result it was my first time cycling the boy home in several weeks.

Perhaps it was overindulgence over the holidays. Perhaps I didn't do enough other ...

We Have a Pizza Oven

As a Christmas gift to each other, we have gotten ourselves an uuni3 pizza oven.

Pizza oven with door off showing internal flames
Hot stuff
Pizza oven with door off showing internal flames
Hot stuff

This afternoon we fired it up and gave it a test run. This involved assembling the oven, seasoning it (giving it a half hour blast at full heat), before letting ...

Christmas Day

Watching the kids play
Excited and shouting 'yay'
On this Christmas day

Making Cookies

Each year, since moving back to Scotland, we have made a bunch of snickerdoodle cookies at Christmas time and given them to family and coworkers. One of the fun parts of handing them out is seeing people's reactions. While snickerdoodles are popular in the states, they are virtually unheard ...

Nearly More Tidy

Today, I was attempting to tidy the house and my older son was doing what small children tend to do. At one point I thought that the room looked worse than when I had started.

Denise walked into the room when he said:

Look mummy, we made the place nearly ...

Working from Home

One of the kids was ill over the weekend and needed to be kept away from nursery. So rather than completely writing the day off, I setup my laptop as a remote workstation in the dining room. The child was kept entertained by the TV and the occasional interaction from ...

DIY and Kids

After yesterday's solitary walk, I got to spend some more time with myself today. The rest of the family went for a cycle into town to collect a parcel and do some shopping.

This gave me a chance to do some DIY projects I had wanted to get on ...

Happy Thanksgiving

Considering everyone else in my house has an American passport, we haven't really done anything for Thanksgiving. But I would still like to take the opportunity to state what I am thankful for.

I am thankful for life, the universe and everything.

This was the answer that I gave ...

Congratulations - Now Stop It

In the past week my youngest son has learned to walk. He has been standing unaided for a few months now but last week he first managed to shift his weight from side to side enough to let himself take a few steps. Over the week he has become more ...

The Great Christmas Lie

Now that the shops have started to put up their Christmas decorations, my nearly 4 year old son is getting very excited.

Unfortunately he is getting excited over the Great Christmas Lie that is peddled by society at large. It doesn't matter how many times I tell him, the ...

The Joy of Going on Holiday

To celebrate a family member's significant birthday, we have just enjoyed a lovely weekend away. I have been trying to work out exactly what makes going on holiday such a nice experience. I mean objectively, why do we look forward to spending lots of money to stay in someone ...

When Endless Energy Ends

We often joke that toddlers have endless amounts of energy and if only we could go on like them.

Today was a busy day, full of activities. It was a strange experience to see that energy run out. When the toddler is asking to go to bed, you know that ...

Science with a 3-Year-Old

On Friday, I was handed a "science kit" as I collected my 3 year old from nursery. It looks like all the kids get handed it at some point and asked to do some of the experiments and write something in the book about the experience.

So we decided it ...

We Also Have The Plague

It was interesting to see today's raspberry pi blog post, mostly because it describes exactly how our family are feeling.

Hopefully normal service can resume soon.

Sunday Mornings

With the clocks changing this weekend, it has just exasperated a problem we have most weekends: what do you do with a kid on a Sunday morning?

Unlike most folk, small people seem to like getting up early and don't see any need to change their routine on a ...

Stop Rubbing It In

Firefox has just recommend an article from The Cut for me to read titled:

It’s Astounding How Many Problems Can Be Solved Just by Waking Up Early

I haven't actually read the article, so I have no idea if it is any good. But when I have just ...

Happy Birthday Little One

I just want to say
To my young bundle of joy
Happy first birthday

Home at Last

At 5pm UK time we made it home. After 49 hours of traveling and 54 hours since I last lay in a bed.

I am ridiculously tried and in need of my bed.

Where Did You Find Those?

For the last week I have been unable to find my sunglasses. I was annoyed at myself but had accepted that they were gone.

Today my eldest son came running through the house shouting"I found Daddy's glasses”. And sure enough he had my glasses and their case in ...

American Steam Rail

Today we visited the Essex Steam Railway beside the Connecticut River. It was interesting to see the difference between the railway here and comparing it with the trains back home.

I think that the rails are the same distance apart but the trains and carriages seem so much larger. They ...

Mystic Aquarium

Today we took a trip to the Mystic Aquarium because it was featured in a book we have been reading at bedtime and we thought it would be good to actually visit the place.

We decided to go today because we thought it would be raining all day and that ...

Kilts at Weddings

We went to a wedding yesterday and I wore a kilt along with both my sons.

This seemed to get us a lot of attention, almost as if the folks around here are not used to seeing folk in kilts at formal occasions.

Transatlantic Flight with 2 Kids

It turns out that our youngest child will probably be a rollercoaster junky. During both take offs, he had a giant grin on his face. Leaving Edinburgh he had both feet and both arms stretched out in the air. Both kids also enjoyed the strong turbulence as we were coming ...

A Quick Turnaround

Today was the second and last day of our quick turnaround between holidays. We have put all the camping stuff from EMF away and are getting ready for our transatlantic adventure.

The biggest pain had been trying to get our heads around transporting the extra car seats. The requirements of ...


Today we did rest
Spent time as a family
It was for the best

EMF Day 3

Today was the last day of EMF 2018. The events and parties will continue on late into tonight and people are welcome to camp the last night but there will be fed facilities tomorrow morning.

We decided to leave early, packed up today and are spending the night in a ...

EMF Day 2

I realize that I have mentioned EMF a number of times now but not really explained what I am referring to. EMF or Electro Magnetic Field is a festival held every two years, where people do fun things with technology in a field.

There is fast internet and WiFi across ...

EMF Day 1

We arrived at EMF1 and set up camp just in time to make the opening ceremony. Well, we were 5 mins late but the opening ceremony was 15 mins late. Unfortunately our 3 year old didn't want to sit in the marquee long enough, so we headed out ...

The Trip to EMF

Warning This post is just be a typical rant from a dad having spent the day on the road. TLDR: road trips with kids are a pain.

So today we have driven from central Scotland to Droitwich, just North of Worcester.

As we were just getting started I found that ...

Fully Appreciated

Sometimes you need to appreciate the things you have while you still have them. Because when the washing machine brakes the week before you go on holiday, you certainly miss it.

Doing Nothing is Tiring

Today we spent the day doing nothing. At least nothing I would consider answering "what did you do at the weekend?" with. We did make it as far as Tesco, but that was the only excursion.

It was partially nice to spend time as a family together rather than galavanting ...

Tourist in My Home Town

My brother-in-law and his wife were visiting this weekend, mostly to see their nephews but they also wanted to see some of the local tourist attractions in the area which they hadn't yet visited.

It was an opportunity for us to spend time as a family and also go ...

BBQs and Cycling

This weekend has been pretty busy in our house. We had our 4th of July picnic (on the 7th) where we invite lots of friends over.

Normally we invite far more people than actually attend. This year we ended up with a record turnout and brilliant weather.

It was a ...

Five Years Ago Today

Alot has changed in 5 years. It is nice that some things don't.

Our Wedding

I Loved you then,
I Love you now,
And forever more ∞

At Least the House hasn't Burnt Down

For Christmas 2014, I got a weather station from my parents. I have set it up to put the data online with weather underground and I can view my weather at any time by going to my personal weather station dashboard.

If for some reason, the system stops sending data ...