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Review - Stitch Master


Stitch Master are a Tailors in Falkirk and I used them to take-in a couple of my old shirts that I do not use any more.


I have trouble finding shirts that fit me well, even the slim fit shirts often feel loose around the waist.

I have a number of old shirts in my wardrobe that I do not use simply because they are normal fit and feel too loose. I was ready to donate them to charity when I thought I would take the advice I had heard during a recent podcast from College Info Geek.

If you do not know the name of your tailor, you do not see them often enough.

I decided to get two of my unused shirts done as a trial. If it went well, I would look at getting my other shirts done in future. If not, then I haven't really lost anything because the shirts were of no use to me anyway.


Stich Master initially offered £7.50 per shirt, in the end I was only charged £5 per shirt, see the next section for the reason why.


This is the area where I felt let down.

I dropped the two shirts off on the 19th of December. I was told they would be available by the end of week (23rd Dec).

I returned at the end of the week, and was told it Wasn’t ready. The shop keeper was very apologetic and mentioned that he had just been very busy that week and he was on his own due to the holidays. If he had told me when I handed the shirts over that it might take some time due to the holidays, that would have been fine. I was disappointed to have made the trip for no reason.

Last Wednesday, the 18th of January, I phoned up to check if they were complete. I was told they were. This was a lie. When I went in at lunch time on Thursday they were still not complete.

I phoned up again yesterday (24th January) and was told that they are done this time, that they were done as soon as I left the shop last week. I went today to pick them up. The shop keeper was again very apologetic and reduced the price for me as mentioned above, however I still had felt let down.


To be honest, I haven't looked too closely yet to check. I was offered to try them on in the shop however because I was on my lunch break I decided I didn't want to waste any more time. It is not as if I was going to trust him to make any further changes.

See update at the end


Ultimately the broken promise of when the shirts would be ready has meant I will not be using Stitch Master again.

If they had been honest in the first place, I would have been happy to wait but I don't like being told lies.


I had a look later and can confirm the quality of the changes is good and the shirts sit much better now. I suspect I was just unfortunate with the timings.
AM 2017-01-26

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