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Viso: How to Split Lines

At work, I occasionally have to modify visio drawings created by others.

When I am making a drawing, I always ensure each segment of a line is a seperate line, which makes modifying later much easier. Unfortunatly few others do it this way and just use polly lines.

The following code found on office-forums.com (and slightly simplified by myself) will split any shapes into individual lines and group them together:

Public Sub ReplaceShapesWithLines()
Dim shp As Visio.Shape
For Each shp In Visio.ActiveWindow.Selection
Call ReplaceShapeWithLines(shp)
Next shp
End Sub

Sub ReplaceShapeWithLines(ByVal shp As Visio.Shape)
'Split multi-segment lines - Assumes just one geomtry section
Dim iRow As Integer
Dim BeginX As Double
Dim EndX As Double
Dim BeginY As Double
Dim EndY As Double
Dim line As Visio.Shape

For iRow = 2 To shp.RowCount(Visio.visSectionFirstComponent) - 1
BeginX = shp.CellsSRC(Visio.visSectionFirstComponent, iRow - 1, Visio.visX).ResultIU
BeginY = shp.CellsSRC(Visio.visSectionFirstComponent, iRow - 1, Visio.visY).ResultIU
EndX = shp.CellsSRC(Visio.visSectionFirstComponent, iRow, Visio.visX).ResultIU
EndY = shp.CellsSRC(Visio.visSectionFirstComponent, iRow, Visio.visY).ResultIU
Set line = shp.DrawLine(BeginX, BeginY, EndX, EndY)
Next iRow
shp.DeleteSection Visio.visSectionFirstComponent

End Sub
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