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Out of context

I have just had the uncomfortable experience of running into someone who I didn't recognize out of context. They clearly knew who I was (greeted me by name) but my brain just completely failed to make the connection.

I am used to not remembering people's names and having to work around that awkward situation but it is a whole level higher when you can't remember the person at all.

Thinking about it now, while it is annoying and awkward, there is not much that one can do to avoid this situation happening. To avoid forgetting names, there are tricks and games that can help improve recall but these wont work in the case of complete non-recognition.

So the only thing to really consider is how to react to the situation. Do you waffle your way through the situation and hope they don't notice? Or do you just admit from the start that you don't know and simply apologize.

I am not sure which one is the best.

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