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The Return of the Comments

I have decided to add comments back to this site. They were removed when I switched from wordpress to a static site generator (pelican) and I:

  • Couldn't be bothered to convert the few existing comments
  • Didn't want to mess around with comments on a static site setup
  • Didn't think there was much benefit to having them

I had had very few comments when the site was hosted on wordpress, I tended to get more spam than genuine comments (not that I got a lot of either). I still doubt I will get many (if any) comments, however I found myself getting annoyed when reading another person's blog and I was unable to respond.

Then I realised the hypocrisy of not hosting comments on my own site.

I have set up a very simple system but it does have built in filtering (you have to email me and I will add the comment to the site source). If I were to get inundated with comments then I would have to come up with some other system, however I doubt that will be a concern.

At some point in the future, I will go through and extract the historical comments from wordpress (and possibly the facebook notes).

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