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Life as a Workplace Nomad

For the last week, I have been a workplace nomad.

We were kicked out of our office. All of our stuff had been placed into storage boxes and I have had to live out of one laptop bag.

Initially I wasn't too bothered by the lack of proper desk. I found a couple of locations to sit at and use my laptop. It was a bit of fun crowding together and winding each other up. However as the week has gone on it has become more frustrating.

Silly things like:

  • Having to use the laptop screen alone.  I was surprised by the number of programs that don't display well on the 'small' screen.
  • Needing to use some stationery items.  I rarely use most of these and put them in storage.  Of course as soon as I can't access them, is the time I need to use them.
  • Lack of desk space.  Our team are all crowded into a small room.  What desk space there is, is quickly taken up by laptops and cables.  Fine for short periods but there are times when sorting through papers, some open space is useful.
  • Difficulty contacting people.  Various teams have spread to different parts of the site.  Many of us haven't bothered setting up our phones, so email is the only option of communication.

All of these issues are fine short term, but start to get frustrating after a while. Hopefully we will be allowed into our new desks today.

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« The Return of the Comments
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