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Why am I doing this

If you are following using an RSS feed or look back at the dates published articles, you will notice that historically I have managed short bursts of relativity frequent blog posts, followed by long periods of silence.

Recently I have started trying to post something, anything, daily.

The main reason for doing this is to practice writing and getting ideas out of my head. I frequently come up with ideas only to get stuck when it comes to writing them down. Either I can't find the words or I write something but it doesn't match my internal thoughts perfectly or I write part of it but never get round to polishing it up.

The problem with refusing to publish articles unless they meet some arbitrary and ridiculously high standard is that it leads to publishing nothing at all.

This is my attempt to get over these issues. If I write frequently, I will hopefully get into the habit of throwing my ideas into the screen. With practice my inner editor will learn to let me get the first draft out before attempting to cut it up. With further practice my inner editor may even be happy with what I produce the first time.

That is the plan. I don't know if it will work but I think it is worth a try.

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