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No Errors ≠ No Problems

I have a program at work that generates some slides to display on various screens around the site. The program is a bit of a hack and bodge but it mostly works. I have set up a pretty good error handling system and regularly check it to see if anything odd has happened. Over the last few months I have gradually managed to improve the program and get rid of the obvious bugs. The only log entries I have received recently have been ones to do with network errors and the system has handled them as expected.

So no problems then?

Well it turns out I made an error over a month ago. One slide ended up losing all the links to the database and got replaced with static values. The values looked good and correct because they were when they were frozen. I only noticed today when the whole database fell over and this slide continued without an error!

If you don't have any problems with the system, it may be because you are not looking in the right place.

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