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On Cardboard Boats

Today was the LUCS1 Canal Fun Day in Linlithgow. There was lots of stalls and boat rides and one of the main events is the annual cardboard boat race.

It was fun to watch what parts I could between the crowds, though there was also a bit of nostalgia there. I took part in the cardboard boat race three times when I was still at high school.

There were many more boats today, I think there was about 20, than when I took part (I think there was only about 5 to 8). Though the rate of boats that made it off the launch way was about the same. Some of the boats broke up and sank on hitting the water but most of the failures were due to a lack of stability and this crew falling in.

I didn't see anyone repeat my second race. Our boat didn't float at all but we just jumped out and swan round the course. We still managed to come 3rd and only a few seconds behind those who came second.

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