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Unu Jaro de Esperanto

Antaŭ unu jaro mi komencis lerni Esperanton.

I started to learn Esperanto One year ago.

For the last year I have been using Duolingo to learn the language in small bursts. It is weird how sometimes I feel that I am making good progress and can express myself pretty effectively. Then there are other times when I struggle with the simplest of sentences.

I have managed to meet up with other esperantistoj (Esperanto speakers) and I found myself in one of those moments when I struggled to say much. I think it was just nerves and that I need to meet with other speakers more often. Unfortunately my other attempts to meet up have failed to happen due to scheduling problems.

It has been a fun experience and I have learnt more about languages in general (including learning more about English). I am not sure if I will continue to learn or practice the language next year. It has been a short period of learning each day, those periods add up and perhaps I could find some more productive use of the time.

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