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Preflight Briefings

I am still working my way through the back catalogue of DisasterCast and today got to one on the preflight briefing.

It was the next on my list when I was on the plane back home but I was too tired to listen to it that night. I am not sure if that was a good thing or not. The episode was a look at key parts of the preflight briefing, which parts have saved lifes and which parts are of less practical use.

I did entertain the idea of an airline replacing the standard briefing with this episode1 which includes the relevant information with additional context.

On the one hand it is a little disheartening to hear about the low number of lifes saved because of the life vest, though it might help people focus on how to use them if they also hear how few people can actually use one properly when needed.

Similarly, focusing on the parts of the briefing that do actually save lifes (seatbelts and the brace position) including why they are effective may help people remember and follow these parts.

Then again, I suspect that it may just frighten some folk and the number of people who would pay more attention would be quite limited. I am a bit weird that way.

Perhaps the airlines should just stick with the songs and dances.

  1. Minor adjustments would probably be necessary to ensure that all components are covered.
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