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90 Days

So my daily posting streak lasted 90 days.

Last night when I got home, we ended up doing the evening routine in a different order and we swapped over who did the various tasks. As a result, I completely forgot about writing and publishing a post. Annoyingly I have been struggling to think about what to write for a few day of now but yesterday I had an idea. I just never got around to sitting down and writing it.

I still have some ideas of things that I want to write here but the topics seem too large to punch out a quick post in an evening. Perhaps this is my opportunity to re-evaluate how I use this site. I should probably focus more on getting those topics out and less on keeping some meaningless streak. The problem is that experience tells me that I will simply stop posting if I don't have the short term regular goal of posting each day.

One day off won't hurt but I still have more to say. I hope I can get around to writing it.

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