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Wanted: A Good Jacket with Pockets

When out at the shops today, I tried to find a new jacket to replace my current one. My main issue with my current jacket is that it is water resistant but it doesn't hold up to heavy rain. It is also not particularly warm if I am standing still but I overheat when exerting myself.

I had a look at quite a few different brands and styles. While there were quite a few that were lighter, warmer and had better ventilation, all the jackets had less pockets than my current jacket. What is more annoying, the few pockets they did have were all much smaller.

I use my jacket as a bag. I like carrying gloves, a couple reusable shopping bags, my sunglasses, a collapsible coffee cup, my wallet... You get the idea. I don't think any of the jackets could hold much more than the gloves alone

So I left empty handed and will have to put up with getting wet from time to time.

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