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XML Woes

My dislike of XML has just gotten stronger.

I have been working on, and failing to succeed with, two projects involving XML.

One involved manipulating XML written by another program. The problem is that this program was not intending to share this XML with any other programs, so there are many inconsistencies and violations that cause any existing XML library to give up an throw an error when attempting to parse the file. So instead I am down to hacking at the file with regular expressions.

The second project management involves generating new XML files. Unfortunately the scheme that I am to follow is hideous. Rather than using the attribute tags, the (mostly) require nodes called "Attribute" with two child nodes called "AttributeName" and "AttributeValue". I will manage to generate the file, but it feels ugly and horrible.

The one benefit of having to deal with these ugly projects is that once you manage to get it to work, the feeling is amazing.

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