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Yesterday's post on Ken Perlin's blog1 made me suddenly understand why the guardian has a fixation with the term Flexitarian.

Ken pointed out that it is a bit silly to call yourself a vegetarian if you don't strictly follow a vegetarian diet. The response to this has been to invent the term flexitarian. Flexitarians lead mostly vegetarian or vegan lifestiles though they have not completely given up meat.

Personally I hate the term and thought that it was a perfect example of something else to make fun of those that generally don't eat meat. The thing is, I am by definition, a flexitarian. I am definitely not vegetarian or vegan, but then I only eat meat about once a week so I don't exactly have a 'normal' diet either.

It makes sense to have a term for folk like myself, I just wish I didn't hate the term so much. Perhaps my dislike is just because the term is relatively new and I will grow to like it over time.

  1. Which I stole the title for this post from.
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