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Review: Galaxy Trucker

Last night we had friends staying over with the aim of playing some board games together. It was a really pleasant evening catching up, though with all the chatting, it didn't leave as much time for games as we had wished.

In the end we only played the one game: Galaxy Trucker. This was because I requested it having played it nearly two years ago now. The game was as good as I remembered. It has a good balance of strategy and chance to keep things interesting. Each round comprises of two parts, building your ship, then the journey.

Building your ship

This part is a competitive jigsaw. Lots of tiles are placed face down on the table. Players place pieces on their boards. Each piece is a ship part and their board becomes their ship.

The key thing about this part, players DO NOT take turns. It is a free for all. If you take too long to build your ship and someone else takes all the good parts, that is your problem.

Once everyone has finished, then you move on to the next phase

Flying your ship

This part progresses like a traditional board game. Cards are turned over telling the players what event they have to contend with. This could be open space, meteors to dodge, planets to collect goods from, space pirates to fight...

Depending on how well you ship is built, how many space cannons and where you placed them can have a big effect. Similarly, engines, shields, cargo bays and crew quarters can also have big consequences.

As I said, it was a lot of fun and struck a good balance between strategy of how you build your ship and random chance of which events you have to survive. I highly recommend this game.

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