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Making Cookies

Each year, since moving back to Scotland, we have made a bunch of snickerdoodle cookies at Christmas time and given them to family and coworkers. One of the fun parts of handing them out is seeing people's reactions. While snickerdoodles are popular in the states, they are virtually unheard of over here. But those that have had them from previous years remember and are quick to get another taste.

We have generally followed the same recipe each year, though last year we did alter it to use dairy free spread rather than butter so the little one could eat some. The alteration didn't work out as well as we had hoped, so this year we decided to try a fully vegan recipe for the first batch.

The taste test of the vegan batch was "Ok but not as good as the normal ones" so when we went to the shops, we got the ingredients for the old recipe. When we got back to the house, we sampled another couple of the vegan cookies and they had improved greatly. It turns out that they just had to cool fully to get the correct texture. But by this point we had the other ingredients, so I made the required batches of the normal cookies.

But now we know, it can be done.

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