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Over Optimised

I am always amused when I check my spam folder to see lots of folk offering to get my site on the front page of Google and to guarantee more business if only I let them redesign my website.

The truth is that I am probably already over Optimised. Considering that this is a personal website, the only relevant search term would be my name, Alistair Marshall, and my site is currently on the first page for that search. I could probably do some work to get a higher result but what would be the point. The highest ranked sites are Facebook and LinkedIn. I suspect that I will have trouble beating them. There is also an Alistair Marshall Consulting. I would feel bad if I overtook his spot. He is clearly making a living as a consultant and would need people to be able to find his site. I am not in that situation. I have a salary from my employer.

This website is a bit of fun. Yes I will try to keep my CV and training pages up to date and if I end up having to look for a new job again, then things might change. But for now I think being in the front page for my own name is more than enough. Anything more would be over optimised.

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