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Working from Home

One of the kids was ill over the weekend and needed to be kept away from nursery. So rather than completely writing the day off, I setup my laptop as a remote workstation in the dining room. The child was kept entertained by the TV and the occasional interaction from myself but most of the time I was able to get on with work on my laptop.

Trying to get work done at home was frustrating. Most of it was the silly little things like attempting to connect to the work networks which involved a bit of problem solving in their own right. This meta-work took up a significant amount of my time, and the work I did do was fairly minimal until I needed to either discuss the changes with someone else, or actually work on the DCS1.

The day wasn't a completely wasted, I did manage to do some research and planning, but it was definitely not as productive as it could have been. Part of me does like the idea of working from home on a Semi-regular basis but after today, I accept that a lot of planning would be necessary to ensure it works well.

  1. In theory I can access the DCS from home but I generally want to avoid this unless absolutely necessary.
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