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Disastrous Dinners: First Event NEXT WEEK

Firstly, apologies for the last minute planning here. The first Disastrous Dinners Event will be on the 15th of January (a week on Tuesday). The reason for trying to get it organised in such a short period of time is to consider with the 100 year anniversary of the event being covered: The Boston Molasses Flood.

The Boston Molasses Flood occurred exactly 100 years ago and resulted in 21 deaths, mostly from suffocation or crushing. A 27m diameter molasses tank suddenly ruptured resulting in a 8m high wave of molasses racing out and trapping pedestrians and passers by. This talk will consider the design, construction and testing of the tank as well as the tank's Design Operating Envelope and will seek to identify lessons for today.

I have produced a poster with more details of the event.

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