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Phone on Strike

Last night, while I was cooking dinner, my phone died on me. There was no warning, there was plenty of battery but I turned the screen off, put it in my pocket and when I tried to use it again a couple of minutes later it was completely unresponsive.

I tried holding the power button for over two minutes. I tried holding the power button and the volume down buttons together for over two minutes. I tried charging it and repeating the previous steps but still no response. Just a black screen. As responsive as a brick.

So last night I had assumed my phone was completely dead. I tried again this morning just to be sure and still no response so I planned to purchase a temporary phone at lunchtime to get me by until I decided what phone I actually wanted. I drove to the store, got out the car and as I was walking across the carpark, I idaly pressed the power button once more. This time it worked. Well it started to boot then turned off again. Plugging it in allowed it to boot fully and showed that the battery was completely drained.

On the plus side, it did respond before I spent the money.

But I no longer trust the phone and I suspect that it will happen again. I need to make a decision about which phone I should use going forward. Do I spend a ridiculous amount of money again or try for something cheaper? What features to I actually want in a phone?

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