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Two Day Recovery

I am told that in America, if you are to get two days off at Christmas, it is normal to be Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. In the UK, the two public holidays are Christmas Day and Boxing Day which makes more sense to me, the day of the celebration and a day to recover.

For historical reasons, in Scotland we get two public holidays for the new year. But we don't get New Year's Eve (known locally as Hogmanay) off as one might expect. Instead we get both the first and second of January off.

Again when you think about it it does make some sense, the celebration doesn't start till the evening so you don't need to waste a day of business. But it can take two days to fully recover.

When I was younger it took that long because of the quality of alcohol consumed. This year I didn't drink anything and yet simply staying up past midnight had tired me out enough to require two days to recover. One of the joys of getting older I suppose.

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