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New Year = New Name

To celebrate the new year, I have decided to move this site to a new domain name, www.a14m.uk.

There are a few reasons for the name change:

  • The old name was too long. It became a pain to type it out in varios forms (particularly the email address).
  • It was getting a bit tired. The origional name was a bit of a joke when I was at university. I am feeling less and less comfortable using it these days.

While the name is changing, I the content and the main objective of the site will remain the same. The old site name will remain active and just forward on to the new site. All emails to the old domain will still get to me. I will continue to tweek a few things around the site over then next few weeks.

It is a big change and risk to change a sites domain name. Luckly I am not relying on this site for any income, it is just a bit of fun.


Apologies to those with RSS feed readers if you got an load of repeats. Hopefully I have fixed it so you only get the one article for now.

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