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An Unexpected Benefit of Computer Games

Today I discovered an unexpected practical benefit from playing computer games as a child.

In many platform games, you had to get to a location that was being guarded by a bad guy. In some games it was not possible to kill or remove the bad guy, therefore the only way to get to where you wanted was to distract them. You needed to lure them away from the thing that they were guarding only to rush around them and get to the end.

How has this proven useful as an adult?

Vacuuming with a Toddler

The toddler loves to stand in front of the vacuum cleaner. To clean the whole floor, you need to get past the toddler. You can’t just remove them, they tend to get upset if you lock them in the other room. The only way to clean the whole room, is to lure them away from the bits you have not yet done and rush around them.

So computer games can be useful.

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