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Get Ready for a Regen

This time next week, I will be on night shift and probably feeling pretty tired. The unit I used to look after when I worked in operations will be having a short shutdown to regenerate the catalyst and I have been invited back outside to assist.

I am not complaining about the nightshift, yes it will contribute to my state of tiredness, but most of the tiredness will come from the generall rush of activity (physical and mental) associated with the shutdown. I prefer to work night shift during the shutdowns, I like the plant when it is quieter with less other people around, of course as a result, there is less support available and you have to take greater responsibility, fully understand the process, and be prepared to solve any problems the system throws at you.

As part of the preparation, I went back onto site today to visit the plant, check things are in place and remind myself where everything is. It was a pleasant way to spend the time after lunch, walking around the plant, no particularly pressing problems I need to deal with.

I just need to remember that feeling next week when I am back out under different circumstances.

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