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Kid's Yoga

Aftery yesterday's fun, we decided to have a more relaxed day today. The morning involved tidying and resting as much as possible with two small kids running around. In the hope of getting more tidying and resting done, we put on some kid's yoga on the TV for the four year old.

He has been doing yoga at nursery so he was excited to some more at home. I found it interesting the different ways that the presenter did the yoga compared to the classes that I have been taking. The enthusiasm of the presenter is turned up to maximum, the moves are done very quickly and it all takes place around a story. Though to be honest, I think the thing I was more surprised about was how much was still the same and yet the kids still enjoy it.

I really enjoyed watching the little one attempt the moves, particularly his attempts at any of the balances. Though I suspect he enjoyed the falling over while trying to to the balance more than the moves themselves. I definitely don’t think he has managed to master Shavasana, lying down still for more than 10 seconds is very difficult for a four year old!

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