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Last Day Before The Regen

Today was the last day before I am working nightshifts on the shutdown. This will involve long hours and sleeping at antisocial times. So today was a last chance to enjoy family life.

I was gifted a long lie in in preparation for swinging onto nightshifts. When I did get up, I had breakfast with the rest of my family while they had a snack. Then while the youngest slept, and my wife went into town, I got to do yoga with my eldest son, followed by playing a board game. It was a lot of fun playing together without worrying about having to be anywhere else.

After my wife returned and our youngest woke from his nap, we had a pizza lunch with home made pizzas. Then played in the garden for a while before heading over to visit granny and grandad. All in all a lovely way to spend our last day together.

Note: I don't know how much time I will have during the regen. These posts might be more sporadic or may even stop for a while.

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