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New? Really?

Our family has been dairy free for a few years now. One of the alternatives we have found and liked is Go-On by alpro. This was a thick, high protein yogurt replacement that didn’t taste sour. Most supermarkets sold a small desert style version if it with some fruit in a syrup at the base and the yogurt alternative sat on top. Only a few places sold larger tubs of the plain stuff without any fruit or syrups. We would often cut up some fresh fruit and have it with the plain Go-On as a dessert or snack.

Unfortunately it has been becoming more and more difficult to get hold of. Alpro have however started producing a ‘new’ product: Greek Style. This product has the word ‘new’ stamped all over it, yet when we tried it, it tasted strangely familiar.

To be fair, it does seem to be a slightly different recipe with slightly different values in the nutritional information. I hope the rebranding (and altered recipe) goes well for them, I like the product and just wish that it was easier to get hold of.

Left: Tub of Go-On, Right: Tub of Greek Style
Old and New
Left: Tub of Go-On, Right: Tub of Greek Style
Old and New
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