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I Really Meant It!

I had to take my son to see the out of hours GP at the weekend. After arriving spot on time, the receptionist confirmed our appointment and asked us to take a seat.

After half an hour, he got up from his desk, came over to the waiting area and told us that they were running about half an hour later.

I responded by saying "Thanks for letting us know".

I suspect he thought I was being sarcastic or something. Sure before he came over I was thinking that it would have been nice if they had warned us that they were running late when we arrived, or even better, before we set off. But at the time he told us, I was genuinely thankful and had wanted to let him know that it was appreciated.

I am not sure what I need to do to sound more sincere. Perhaps not interacting with people when I am supposed to be in bed might help.

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