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A Morning of Mistakes

This morning was a morning full of mistakes on my part. Nothing serious, just frustrating. Lots of small things that just lead to more work needing done. More stuff to tidy up. Lucky the day has gotten better as it has gone on and it has actually been a pretty easy evening so far. I am glad I have noticed.

I think that is something that has changed over the last few years. Previously if I had a day like today, I would have just gotten into a negative cycle, assuming that the rest of the day would have have continued like the day had been so far. Instead I looked at each incident as an independent event. What happened previously was now outside of my control and my only choice was what I was going to do next, how I was going to fix it.

As a result, my mistakes were fixed and it wasn’t the end of the world. And now I have an evening to enjoy it.

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