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Future Writing

Ken Perlin wrote a blog post a couple of days ago examining how people will write code in the future. There is a discussion around whether the QWERTY keyboard will continue to be the main input method or will something else take over? Will we use gestures and graphical programing rather than the predominantly text based code used today? Would we be able to express our code using voice commands?

I believe that we will either continue to use the QWERTY keyboard1 or the alternative input would resemble something simpler.

How about the hubble pen.

Many folk prefer to write with a pen even though there are many obvious benefits to working on the computer. What if the pen or stylus actually felt like the real thing, but that the text was getting inputted into a computer. Then the ‘screen’2 has the ability to rewrite the text.

There could be some form of gesture to say make a gap and allow you to add extra text. You could rearrange the text on the page with a different set of Gestures.

Perhaps it interprets your quick scrawl, and converts it to a neater version of your own handwriting. You could even have it spell check your handwriting and make the auto corrections (again, in your own handwriting).

Carrying a pen or stylus around with you is much more convenient than a keyboard.

  1. And some of us will continue to use and proclaim the superiority of Dvorak ;)
  2. Perhaps you are working on e-ink, or perhaps the text just appears to you using your future extended reality glasses and getting the text projected onto whatever surface you are leaning on.
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