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My First Clipless Moment

We went out as a family for a day of cycling. Well, some cycling and lots of playing at the Falkirk Wheel. It was a good opportunity to enjoy my new bike.

On the way home I was pulling the trailer and about to enter calendar park. I hit a kerb that I thought was dropped but turned out it wasn't I noticed at the last moment and managed to jump my bike wheels up without an issue. Then the wheels of the bike trailer hit the kerb and caused the bike to stop dead. If I had my old bike, I would have gotten my feet out in time. If I didn't have the trailer, I wouldn't have come to a complete stop and I wouldn't have needed to put my foot out.

But alas after five and a half years, I had my first experience of falling sideways off my bike and being unable to stop myself.

I hope it is at least another five and a half years before I do it again.

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