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How we Celebrated Our Anniversary

To celebrate our 7 year anniversary, we went to a car show, then went and picked up my new bike. While on the surface this may sound like the sort of thing that would get me into trouble and may result in a divorce, I think I should be OK on this one.

She wanted to go to the car show just as much as me, when we have been in the past, our oldest son really enjoyed himself. Picking up the bike made sense because we were in Edinburgh anyway, so it saved me making another trip at some point and abandoning her with the kids. And it was just as well that I did have the bike. All the trains to Polmont were cancelled. We just took the next train to Falkirk and got off there. She took the boys into the supermarket and kept them entertained there while I got to try out my new bike and ride it home to pick up the car, before returning to collect them and the shopping.

Despite the problem with the train, we did have a good time.

The main thing that was good about it was actually spending time together as a family doing something and not just being stuck in the house together. Between the night shifts and the various illnesses we have had, we haven't been able to make such a trip for some time.

It was a really nice day. Very tiring, but nice.

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