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Pedal on Parliament Weekend

This weekend will host numerous Pedal on Parliament protests around the country. Pedal on Parliament is a campaign to improve facilities for active travel, that is walking as well as cycling. The theory being that if there are better facilities, safer and faster paths, more people will travel by active means, and reduce the number of cars on the road. This benefits everyone. Obviously the people who are walking or cycling will have better health, but this benefits everyone else through lower healthcare costs. Another benefit to others is that these people are no longer in cars taking up space on the road. If there are fully segregated cycle paths, they are kept out of the way of the normal traffic, allowing cars to pass freely.

As a result, I think everyone should support better pedestrian and cycling infrastructure.

In previous years the focus of the protest has been the Edinburgh event where folk would meet in the meadows before cycling down to the parliament where there would be a number of speeches. This year the events are more focused at the local level, encouraging local councils to improve the infrastructure in their area and highlighting specific projects that would be of benefit.

So if you also agree that we should make it easier and safer for people to walk and cycle, have a look at their website and attend an event.


A Health and Safety Perspective of Cycling Safety

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