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Giving the Young the Vote

There was a few news stories earlier this month about Prof David Runciman, The head of politics at Cambridge University, had proposed giving children as young as 6 the vote.

This was in response to the debate about dropping the voting age from 18 to 16, something I support, but ...

A Short Message to Your Leader Part 2

Monday's post, posted the question, if I could send a short message to my countries leaders, what would I say?

I have already stated that a simple "Don't be evil" is a wasted opportunity. Similarly I don't want to waste the opportunity by writing abuse (though there ...

A Short Message to Your Leader

When filling in a Google survey, I was asked, if I could send a short message to my countries leaders, what would I say?

I hadn't given this question any thought before and (as it was a quick survey) u just gave a quick answer:

Don't be evil ...

The Problem With the EU Referendum

The thing that drew me to the Yes campaign during the Scottish Independence Referendum was the positive hope for the future. They were saying 'these are the problems with the way the country is ran today and this is how we intend to improve things in the future'.

The No ...

Stamp Duty Rates, Old vs New vs Scotland

A few weeks ago, the Scottish government announced the scrapping of Stamp Duty and the introduction of the "Land and Buildings Transaction Tax" and there were several graphs showing the old and new schemes.

After the Autumn statement announcement last week, which introduced a new stamp duty, I had wondered ...

Yes Because

Apologies, I have been thinking about these all day:

“In politics, nothing is ever as good as you hope it’s going to be, but at the same time nothing’s ever as bad as you fear it’s going to be”.

  • I am #yesbecause I am not happy with ...