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New Phone: Samsung Galaxy A40

NOTICE I initially posted this article with the wrong title, calling the phone the A0 rather than A40.

After postponing as long as I could, I eventually accepted that I needed a new phone and bought one last weekend.

My requirements were:

  • Absolutely no bigger than my old phone. Size creep has been annoying me for many. I want something that can fit in my hand. This significantly reduced the number of phones available.
  • Running the latest version of android. I tend to keep my phones for quiet a long time. I want something that will be supported, including updates, for as lonas possible. If the phone is already running the latest version, it is a good proxy that it is still in support. This discarded a lot of old phones that are still being sold.

As a result, I was extremely limited in my options and bought a Samsung Galaxy A40.

Thoughts on the phone

After a week of use, I am slowly getting used to it. I am not a fan of the keyboard and my typing has far more mistakes. It took a while to get used to the fingerprint scanner, it was easier to feel in my old phon, this on is flush with very little edge. Despite the overall phone size being smaller, the screen is larger. In this phone the screen goes right to the edge making it just as difficult to stretch my fingers across.

This is the first phone I have bought that hasn't been by Google, and as such, I am unhappy with the bloatware that comes with it. I don't mind them supplying apps, but I don't like that I am unable to disable them.

My biggest complaint about a the connectivity. I have been unable to listen to anything over bluetooth. I get a few seconds into the track before it seems to get muted. The track keeps playing but the speakers are silent. Despite trying lots of different things, I haven't managed to get it working.

Considering my requirements, I don't know if there was a better option available, at least this one doesn't randomly shutdown and stop working. And I can use it as a phone!

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