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Voting for the EU Parliament in Scotland

Back in 2014, I was curious how the proportional representation system used for the EU elections, the D'Hondt method, worked. I built a simple javascript program to allocate the seats based on the number of votes for different parties, then added recent opinion polls to the page to see how much variation there was.

Considering we will be voting again later this month, I have decided to have a quick go at updating the page. I added the 2014 result, removed the opinion polls from 2014 and added a small selection of opinion polls from 2019. The method of selecting which polls were included consisted of the highly scientific ‘whatever I could find with 10 minutes of searching’. I have just merged UKIP and the Brexit party because Brexit party didn’t exist last time and UKIP has so little support it may as well not exist this time. I have decided to include the Change UK party in their own right. Although they are getting very little support, they are getting about the same level of support as the Lib Dems and the Greens.

The updated version can be found at https://www.a14m.uk/voting-eu-scotland/

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« New Phone: Samsung Galaxy A40
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