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Overcoming Challenges

After finishing their dinner, the two boys went back outside to play in the garden. I was asked if I could get their bikes out. As I was still finishing my own food, and it was nearly time for bed, I told them that I wasn’t getting them out tonight.

This wasn’t a satisfactory answer. I watched as the children’s picnic table got dragged over to the door. This allowed access to the top turn button on the shed door. The one that has, until this point been very convenient to quickly close the door and allow adult access without the kids getting in. Unfortunately for the kids, the door was still locked. This was not a complete show stopper. The key was retrieved from the kitchen and used successfully on the door. At this point I had to be the mean one and go and tell them off for going in the shed without an adult.

The shed is not a safe place to play, but it was nice to watch problem solving in progress.

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