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A Message to IChemE Scottish Group Members

Last night I became the chair of the IChemE Scottish Members Group. I have just submitted an email to the members and I am placing a copy here.

This is a quick email in three parts:

  • An Introduction
  • A Request
  • An Event

An Introduction

My name is Alistair Marshall and at the recent Scottish Members Group AGM, I became the group chair. I came up with the idea for the Disastrous Dinners series of events and have hosted the events so far. I am keen that as a group we continue to host such events as well as others that members want to attend.

A Request

Contact me. Please get in touch, either responding to this email or using [email protected]. I want to know what your thoughts are with respect to IChemE activities. What are we doing right? What else should we be doing? Is there anything we should stop focusing on? As chair of the Scottish Members Group, one of my roles is to represent our members, but I can only do that if people let me know what their thoughts are.

An Event

Finally I would like to finish this message with an invite to our next Disastrous Dinner on Wednesday the 24th of July in Falkirk. Please don’t be put off with the location. The venue is easily accessible by train from Glasgow and Edinburgh, the venue can be seen from Falkirk Grahamston station and there is a car park right outside that is free at that time of the day.

The presentation is open to anyone and aims to provide something for people of all levels of experience; students, early/mid/late career or retired, everyone is welcome.

More details are available on the event page, or you can contact me directly.


Alistair Marshall
Scottish Members Group Chair

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