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A Really Frustrating Afternoon

This afternoon, I attempted to merge two graphics together including all the custom code that makes them work behind the scenes. I had thought it would be pretty easy but in the end I failed. I did manage to get some problems fixed but never at the rate that it felt like I was building momentum. It felt like a slog the whole time and that I was just spending my time staring at the same screen.

That was frustrating. What made the afternoon even worse was the main breakthrough I had literally as I needed to pack up and leave. It turns out that there were a bunch of debug logs that I wasn’t getting to see. As soon as I saw them, I understood what the problem was. But I had to go. No chance to fix it, just pack up and leave.

So I don’t know if I had in fact solved it. But then if I did stay ‘one more minute’, there is a good chance I would still be there now saying ‘one more minute’ and the rest of my family would be very unhappy with me.

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