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Being a Unit of Measurement Part 2

Last month I wrote about a challenge at work where one of my colleagues had decided that he was going to weigh the same as myself by the end of the shutdown. Today was declared the last day and our weights were compared.

  • He started weighing 1.508 Alistairs
  • He finished weighing 1.449 Alistairs

He had made the "most wrong" prediction at the start of the challenge and so has agreed to buy the team pies next week. He has said that he that he will "take the loss on the chin" but not before moaning about other people's conduct.

His complaint against myself was:

Alistair secretly when vegan, and lost weight at the last minute. Although not cheating, this is clearly bad sportsmanship. Ironically his new found veganism means that he will have to forgo his pie. This is probably punishment enough.

This made me laugh.

I don't know what he is complaining about. I may have lost 1kg in the Las week but that is well within normal fluctuations and noise. I still put on over 1kg across the event so he should have been thanking me.

As for the vegan part, I must have kept the secret so well that even I was unaware. True I mostly eat vegan food, but that doesn't make vegan. In other words, if he fails to bring a pie for me next week, I will happily have his.

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A Really Frustrating Afternoon »


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