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Kids Eating Preferences

It is no surprise that we have struggled to convince our kids to consume their vegetables. On child seems determined to only eat things that are cream or white in colour (rice, pasta, bread, yogurt). Anything that looks like it may have touched a tomato or anything green gets a quick dismissal.

Yet that changes when dealing with a burger. When asked it they want tomato and lettuce on a burger, I am greeted with a positive response. Skepticly, I cut up some more to add to the burgers. At this point I fully expect that the lettuce and tomato slices will be left on the plates, or the full burgers will get shunned.

Sure enough, after a couple of bites, the burger gets opened. But instead of removing the lettuce and putting it on the plate, it is removed to be eaten first?!?

Would you like some more?

Yes please

I am in a mild state of shock at this point. I provide some more green stuff and put it in the burger. This similarly gets devoured quickly before the rest of the burger.

I am not sure what magic was in play but I shalt not complain. Luckily we have plenty of burgers left over from our 4th of July Picnic.

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